We stock some of the best brands on the market, including Cannondale, Ridley and many more ...


Wheel Specialist,

General Repairs,

Custom Builds

& Good Old Fashion Service


We stand for quality, for passion, and for that perfect ride.


1. AQBIKE refuse to build the wheel with carbon rim from random Chinese resource.


2. NO price match and NO bargain in AQBIKE.


3. AQBIKE will charge full labour if customers bring the parts from other shops, online store and other resource.(including sponsor riders and club)

​4. No free demo.

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COVID-19 Update 31st July 2020

AQBIKE is in the restricted areas.


Even there hasn't been any new updates but we decided to protect ourselves and the lovely customers.


1. We will keep deep senitise our shop everyday, also wear the mask and the gloves.


2. We only allow 2 customers in the shop at a time. Please keep 2m distance between any person when you are in the shop.


3. If we notice any symptom of COVID-19 from you, we will ask you to stay outside of the shop.